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I picked up a Jabra BT200 Bluetooth headset yesterday. I was getting fed up with having to fish around in my pocket to pull my phone out to put it in the center console of my car (I’d forget sometimes which would inevitably mean someone would call me which in turn did nothing for driving safety). Also the cable for existing handsfree earpiece/mike combo kept getting ‘taffled’.

At $99 the Jabra headset isn’t cheap but it works well and sounds clear. It’s a little fiddly to place on my ear but I think it’ll only take a few days to get the hang of it. It also seems to be ‘moulding’ itself to my ear shape fairly quickly (or I’m just getting used to it). It felt a little weird wearing it for the first time yesterday but on this morning’s drive to work I couldn’t feel it at all.

I’m not yet a Borg so it stays in my car and I don’t (yet) wear it around the office.

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This post was written by awk on April 15, 2003

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