Finally we’ve been able to get DSL installed at the BIAS’ offices in Petaluma. For the longest time we’ve endured an IDSL connection which offers little more bandwidth than a piece of wet string. Now we can move forwards with good ‘ole’ DSL and megabit speeds !

The irony in this is that a stones throw (well the other side of the 101 freeway) are the offices of Cisco (formerly Cerant), Alcatel, Gluon Networks, Mahi Networks and Calix. All of whom, given their roles in telecom systems, probably have more bandwidth than we’d know what to do with !

Our service is done with Sonic (who also host our co-located server) – it’s cheap at approx $50/month with 4 static IP addresses. Installation was painless ONCE we had worked out which phone line in our building was suitable and dealt with Pac Bell. The problem was that we have a centrex phone system and many of the lines we have are part of the centrex bundle even our office fax line (which was our first choice). We had elected to use the fax line and then had to wait a week for Pac Bell to tell us that ‘yes the one week installation period had ended without service’ since they had cancelled the order earlier because the line was incompatible and hadn’t told anyone !

We then found a second number that we were paying for and was assured to be compatible – however no-one knew where it was ! A little bit of head scratching in the phone closest and tugging at cables and we traced it to a spot right in the middle of office network hub – perfect ! The service went live on Friday and a brief hour of plugging and configuring on Saturday morning and things are working fine !

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This post was written by awk on April 7, 2003

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