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Courtesy of the BBC “Man wins tie sex ruling”

Dress codes are pretty (ok very) relaxed in the software industry in most places. However working in Hong Kong for two years meant that I did see the ‘other side’. All of my colleagues wore a collar and tie (usually a suit & tie) all of the time – casual Fridays didn’t exist either. Whilst I’m fine with more formal attire when the situation demands it (say customer visits) I really wasn’t too keen to wire suit & tie in the office five days a week.

My compromise was to wear ‘french collar’ shirts (i.e.. a banded collar) which don’t ‘support’ the ‘attachment’ of a tie, and waistcoats (usually bright ones – I have quite a collection 8-) It was either appropriate or my management just couldn’t quite work out how to say anything since no-one ever commented.

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This post was written by awk on March 11, 2003

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  1. Julian Bolt January 7, 2004 4:30 pm

    I have been asking the question why the Western Man wears a collar and tie since I was a boy.
    I have never received a satisfactory answer.

    But now I know that it is deeply wrapped up in ‘CONTROL’.

    Over the last few years, I have read most of David Icke’s books on Conspiracy, and begun to see the real reason behind the ridiculous habit of wearing a collar an tie.

    For God’s sake – only dogs share this stupid habit with us!

    We are controlled, and the ‘Illuminati’ are laughing at us as we strut around thinking we are important wearing something that shows us quite clearly just how ‘led’ we really are.

    The very words should wake us up.


    I teach in a public school and am going back this term without my collar and tie.

    Wish me luck, because I don’t know how I can explain all this to a disbelieving governing body.

    But I think it’s worth fighting for.

    Julian Bolt

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