Joi Ito’s Party

Like about 150 other people I too was at Joi Ito’s party in Palo Alto on Sunday night. In yet more evidence of just how small the tech world truly is ‘degrees of seperation’ collapsed around us that evening. Frank had invited me and is one connection to Joi but at the same time Brewster Kahle (MIchele’s boss at the Internet Archive) is also a friend of Joi’s too.

Frank mentions talking to Lisa Rein for too short a period – I had the better fortune to spend longer talking to her, mostly about Grateful Dead queuing mechanisms and the Supreme Court ! In other words attending the Eldred hearing at the US Supreme Court for with the Internet Archive had filed an Amicus Brief.

Most of all it was a good chance to catch up with Frank, Michael, and Hiroshi and talk about new things and what other people from our old Be days are now doing.

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This post was written by awk on March 4, 2003


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