Morning Rituals

Like most families Michele, Sylvie and I have a regular morning pattern.

It’s normally fired into action at around 7:00 (if we’re lucky) by Sylvie waking us, followed by coffee for us and milk for Sylvie, then sitting in bed watching morning news until approx. 7:45 when we arise and dress etc for the day ahead. Sylvie heads off to daycare and Michele and I head to work.

This week is a little different (though not for the first time) and Sylvie is showing an awareness for the first time that things have changed.

Michele is in Europe until Friday (she left on Saturday) her work for the Internet Archive takes her away every one or two months sometimes for a day or two occasionally for a week. I enjoy these occasions to spend even more time with Sylvie and although she’s usually upset if Michele leaves the room she doesn’t seem to be so aware that Michele has left the continent.

Today seemed a little different, whether it was simply more space in the bed that gave her a clue or that I got her dressed instead of Michele I’m not sure. However she was undeniably more fractious and irritable than other mornings. She demanded to retain her pacifier even after she got up (usually she leaves it in the crib), she was also much more noisy – screaming and a little crying. When we got to daycare she gave our daycare provider a very strange look from under the eyebrows (children learning facial expressions is just as interesting as children learning language !). She wanted a hug as I got up to leave which is a little uncommon but said ‘bye-bye’ as I actually walked out the door.

We’ll see how the day progressed when I collect her this evening !

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