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I was thinking as I used w.Bloggar to make my last post that there’s a good opportunity for a similar app for Mac OS X. Well I shouldn’t have been too suprised then when I was reading Scot’s blog to find mention of an app called Kung-Log.

Kung-Log is pretty much what I was looking for. A simple app to edit and manipulate posts. It’s also a nice example of the the power of AppleScript and Cocoa and shows what can be done when you combine those two technologies with XML-RPC. The author mentions that he’s working on an objective-C implementation which might well gain some speed and would probably also allow the use of WebCore to preview Web Pages without needing an external browser.

Kung-Log also has the ability to recall recently played items from iTunes, always in interesting insight into the tastes of a blogger. Looking at the list on Kung-Foo TV this morning when downloading Kung-Log was a little ‘blast from the past’ since it included Carter USM AND Level 42 two bands from my days in College (Carter USM was a regular at my university) – the web is indeed full of shtuff !

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This post was written by awk on January 12, 2003

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